Good Operation Can Improve the Efficiency of Sand Making Machine

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Good Operation Can Improve the Efficiency of Sand Making Machine

In the process of using sand maker machine, the production effect of equipment often fails to meet the expectations of customers. At this time, the first thought must be the poor quality or performance of the machine. In fact, this phenomenon is probably due to the operation problems. Here we will analyze the importance of correctly operating sand making machine.

In the production of sand making machine, few faults, good maintenance, high productivity, easy operation and good quality of finished products are the important conditions to improve the comprehensive benefits of production engineering. Whether these conditions can be satisfied is related to the performance and quality of the selected equipment and the operation process. The so-called operation refers to the use of sand making machine in the process. The performance of the equipment will be affected by the settings of the parameters of the equipment, the selection of feeding materials, the lubrication of the equipment, etc. The following examples are given to illustrate.

1. When sand making machine is used, if the parameter setting is unreasonable, such as the speed setting of feeding, it will easily cause blockage if it is too fast, and too slow will lead to the phenomenon of equipment idling, no matter which one will cause the decline of efficiency.

2. The unreasonable maintenance of the sand making machine will not only cause the internal parts wear not to be alleviated, but also may cause the worsening of wear. For example, when lubricating oil is added, it will be polluted, so when the machine works, the worn parts will be worsened.

3. The operation of sand making machine includes many contents. Any unreasonable phenomenon in these contents will lead to poor performance of equipment. This is why the sand making machine should be used strictly according to the instructions.

Therefore, when the sand making machine is in use, it can not meet the customer's expectations, it is not necessarily a problem of equipment, it may be a problem of operation, of course, this does not mean that the performance of the equipment is not important, for the purchase of sand making machine, still pay attention to the performance and quality, and then combined with operation, to ensure that it has good benefits.